The China Doll

Imagery for short poem ‘The China Doll’

  • Type Illustration

Your China Doll whose fair of face, Her body poised with style and grace.

For one with such a perfect beauty, It was discreet, her blemished duty

For along these rules you should follow, or else your soul she will swallow.

You'll be trapped inside her china shell, no one to seek, no one to tell

Forcing you to linger nearer, a glacial stare a cause to fear her.

For if you stare at her too long, in her eyes you will belong

Be wary if you wake at night, her glassy eyes shining bright

Her footsteps patter, creeping closer, don't turn around, don't focus on her.

Above she watches while you sleep, Ready to snatch you should you peep.

She has no time for fun and games, wishing you remain only in picture frames

For those who thought she could do no harm, "She's just a doll! So sweet! Such charm"

The most important thing to learn, is never to release her, have her turn.

For to preserve her perfect beauty, she must steal your youth, it is her duty.